What are the painting tools (introduction to several commonly used painting tools

September 16, 2022

There are different styles of painting and different forms of painting expression. Different forms require different painting tools. Today, let’s talk about which painting tools are available.


It is most used in drawing and sketching.

Pencils are divided into soft and hard arrangement (from soft to hard): 9B, 8B, 7B, 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, F, H, 2H, 3H, 4H, 5H, 6H, 7H , 8H, 9H, 10H and other hardness grades.

The larger the number in front of the H, the harder the lead of the pencil, and the lighter the color. The larger the number in front of B, the softer the lead and the darker the color. Among them, H-type pencils have relatively high refill hardness and are suitable for objects with relatively hard or clear interfaces, such as woodworking scribing, field drawing, etc.; HB-type pencils have moderate refill hardness and are suitable for general writing, or typing For contouring; Class B pencils, with relatively soft refills, suitable for drawing.

Colored pencils

Color pencil is a relatively easy-to-master coloring tool, with various colors, fresh and simple drawing effect, easy to erase with eraser, and smooth coloring.

There are two types of colored pencils: one is water-soluble colored pencils (soluble in water), and the other is insoluble colored pencils (insoluble in water).

Water-soluble colored pencils are also called water-colored pencils. Its refill can be dissolved in water. When it touches water, the color smears and can achieve a watercolor-like transparent effect. Water-soluble colored pencils have two functions: without dipping The effect is the same before water and insoluble colored pencils. But after dipping in water, it becomes like watercolor, the color is very bright and bright, very beautiful, and the color is very soft.

Insoluble colored pencils can be divided into dry and oily types. Most of the insoluble colored pencils we buy on the market are generally insoluble colored pencils. The price is cheap, and it is the best choice for beginners in painting. The effect of painting is light, simple and clear, and most of them can be erased with an eraser. It has the characteristics of translucent, and can show different picture effects through the superposition of colors. Expressive painting tools..

Colored Pencil Brands:

  1. Marc Renoir Oily 48 Colors
  2. Faber-Castell Classic 48 Colors Water Soluble 48 Colors
  3. Marco Renoir series

oil pastel

Oil pastel is an oil-based color painting tool, generally cylindrical or prismatic with a length of about 10 cm. Similar in appearance to crayons, but with stronger adhesion and coverage on the paper surface, it can show the effect of oil painting. The oil pastel has fine hand feeling, smoothness, good spreadability, excellent color stacking and color mixing performance. It can fully display the effect of oil painting and meet the difficulty of various painting skills.

There are many kinds of oil pastels, the brands are domestic and imported; the colors are 12 colors, 16 colors, 25 colors, 50 colors; the models are popular, medium and thick, etc.


Watercolor is generally called watercolor paint. When the transparency is high, when the colors overlap, the color below will show through. Colors are not as vivid as colored inks, but they are darker and suitable for those who prefer quaint tones. It is not easy to change color even if it is stored for a long time.

Gouache, also known as advertising color, is an opaque watercolor paint. Can be used for thicker coloring without unevenness when coloring large areas. Although it is also an opaque watercolor paint, gouache is generally cheaper than acrylic; but it is slightly inferior to acrylic in terms of coloring, quantity of color and preservation. It should be used selectively according to different purposes.

Watercolor brands: Marley, Windsor, Pebéo, Rembrandt, etc.

dip pen

A dip pen is a type of fountain pen with a metal head and a nib dipped in ink for writing.

The feature of the dip pen is that the lines can change flexibly in thickness according to the strength, angle and the amount of ink dipped, but it is not very convenient because frequent dipping of ink is required during the writing process.

There are many types of nibs for dip pens, each with different degrees of softness, hardness and elasticity, including G pens, D pens (also known as dysprosium pens), round pens and student pens.

needle pen

A tool specially designed for drawing ink line drawings, which can draw uniform lines.

Syringe pen brands: Hero, German Shidelou, etc.


The pigments of marker pens are volatile and are used for quick one-time drawing. It is often used in designing items, advertising slogans, poster drawing or other artistic creations. You can draw thicker lines with little change.

1. Oily marker

Oil-based markers are quick-drying, water-resistant, and light-fast, and the colors are superimposed multiple times without hurting the paper and soft.

2. Alcoholic marker

1) Alcohol-based markers can be written on any smooth surface, quick-drying, waterproof, environmentally friendly, and can be used for drawing, writing, marking, POP advertising, etc.

2) The main ingredients are dyes, denatured alcohol, and resin. The ink is volatile and should be used in a well-ventilated place. After use, the cap should be tightly closed, and it should be kept away from fire and sun exposure.

3. Water-based marker pen

The water-based marker is bright and transparent, but it will turn gray after multiple colors, and it is easy to damage the paper surface. Also, if you smear it with a water-soaked pen, the effect is very similar to watercolor, and some water-based markers will be water-resistant after drying. So when buying a marker, you must know the properties of the marker and how it will look. The marker pen can be bought in the design supply store, and as long as the lid is opened, it can be painted, and it can be painted with any material or any material.


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