CARTINTS Wallpaper Smoothing Tools Plastic Hard Scraper for Adhesive Wallpaper Contact Paper Application Installing Window Film Craft Vinyl and Painting 4 Pack


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  • Round edge squeegee avoid mark or damage the sticker or vinyl.
  • The smoothing squeegee with bigger size is convenient to install the vinyl/film/wallpaper, greatly easy to use for quicker project completion.
  • Perfect tool for bubbles removing, film smoothing during heat forming, border checking after wallpaper application.
  • Durable safe PP material;Hanging hole design, easy to store. Squeegee: 5.3inches (Lower Bottom) x 4.7inches (Upper bottom) x 3.1inches(H)
  • Ideal for wallpaper, vinyl wrap, window and car lights tint, film install, wall paint, automotive body Fillers, putties and glazes.

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Complete Wallpaper Smoothing Tools Kit

The wallpaper kit includes smoothing squeegee, utility knife blade, seam roller, tape measure, which is necessary tools to install wallpaper. What’s more, you can use these tools to install self-adhsive contact paper, auto sound deadening material, window film, car vinyl wrap and much more!

Large Red Wallpaper Squeegee

large squeegee

hard squeegee

red wallpaper squeegee

Ergonomics Design

Built with the hanging hole, Store the squeegee easily. Four sides can used as smoothing edge, which allow you deal with diffierent places!

Large Squeegee

7.67″ (L) x 4.13″ (H). Improve smoothing efficiency when dealing with large areas!

Perfect as Wallpaper Smoother

The hard squeegee is the best tool to install wallpaper, window film, contact paper, vinyl wrap!

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Felt Edge Squeegee

felt squeegee

card squeegee

squeegee for wallpaper

Compact Size

3.93inches(L)*2.87inches(W). Fit for your palm, comfortable to use.

Anti-Slip Handle

Two raised lines keep you hold the squeegee tightly.

Safe to Adhesive Paper

The mini felt squeegee can deal with the details, to finish the wallpaper installation perfectly in every corner! The fabric felt edge will minimize the damages to adhesive material.

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Craft Knife

wallpaper knife

knife blade

wallpaper blades

Premium Material

Made of premium aluminum. Come with 5 knife blade replacement, can perform for a long time!

Easy to Replace Blades

Turn counterclockwise to loosen the blade, turn clockwise to tighten the blade.

Good to Trim Edge

Sharp enough to trim wallpaper edges. Ideal knife to cutting off wallpaper, window film, vinyl wrap!

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Wallpaper Seam Roller

seam roller

mini seam roller

wallpaper roller

Ergonomics Handle

Made of ergonomics plastic handle. Light weight, good to carry and use! Bulit with good quality roller axle, no sound when using. Ideal for long time using!

Small Size

5.9inches(L)*2inches(W), strong enough and easy to handle small areas application for wallpaper and other adhesive paper.

Smoothing Roller

Good seam roller to apply wallpaper, auto sound deadening material, and much more!

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tape measures

60 inches Tape Measure

You can measure the length, width and height of an object to complete precise cutting and precise installation! Keep pressing the button to extend or shorten the ruler; Stop pressing the button, the ruler will stay in one position.

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