Best value for money oil painting sticks

September 16, 2022

Oil pastels – very fun to use. They are like a cross between oil pastels and traditional oil paints. They are essentially solid oil paints. So these sticks are used in a similar way to pastels in that they are rolled into sticks that allow you to paint on the surface. In this article, I’ll walk you through what oil pastels are, how to use them, and the best brands available.

What are oil paint sticks?

Oil paint sticks, also called pigment sticks and oil bars are sticks of pigment bound in a drying oil such as linseed and coated with wax.

With oil paint sticks, you can hold them in your hand and draw onto a surface with precision and control, achieving thick, painterly effects.

Use pigment sticks with a variety of techniques

To paint using oil sticks, draw onto the surface, much like you would with an oil pastel. Use the pigment sticks to create texture and vibrant colour.

You also can achieve subtle colour blends with pigment sticks, due to the long drying time. Layer the paint like you would with regular oils, blending on the canvas with a brush. Paint wet on wet, or choose to let the layers dry before painting to create sharper edges. Alternatively, you could draw with a pigment stick on your surface, dip your brush in a little medium then thin the paint to create a wash. 

Recommend some of the best oil painting sticks for everyone:

1.Paul Rubens Oil Pastels, 50 Colors Artist Soft Oil Pastels Vibrant and Creamy

  • 50 VIBRANT COLORS: the colors are vivid and exquisite, just like oil paint, it can be overlayed or mixed with multi-colors, it presents a unique texture sensation makes it ideal for painting, drawing, or coloring.
  •  The oil pastels are soft, and make much smoother blends without the pilling, suitable for blending and scraper techniques. They handle and clean easily, they are intense in color and particularly soft and pleasant to use on paper and other smooth media.

2.Sennelier Oil Pastel Set, 24 Count , Multicolor

This oil pastel Outstanding lightfastness,Acid-free,Excellent for mixed media approaches,These highly pigmented oil pastels work on a variety of surfaces including canvas, paper, metal, wood, stone, and even glass

3.Mungyo Gallery Soft Oil Pastels Set of 48 – Assorted Colors

  • Mungyo Gallery Artists’ Oil Pastels are of professional quality, with outstanding smooth touch and consistent colors.
  • Their intense colors and high covering power are ideal for techniques such as impasto and scraping.
  • Smoothness and low-residue allow neat and accurate works.
  • Mungyo Gallery Artist’ Oil Pastels, meeting the requirements of professional artist, will be your best choice.

4.pentel Oil Pastels 50 Colors Soft oil Pastels

  • 50 Vivid assorted colors of oil pastels for artists and a 30-sheet pastel paper pad to meet all your needs for drawing and blending. Soft oil pastels silky texture is easy to use for all ages and stages of art.
  • Non-breakable- Our Oil Pastels are less prone to break; the soft pastels texture is a perfect crayon for crayons drawing
  • Lasting Colors-Oil pastels art supplies colored oil pastels apply smoothly and blend easily for subtle shades, tints, and mixtures.
  • Blend and Mix – Oil pastel crayons are very soft and easy to blend with other colors, art crayons professional can simply be blended with your finger!

5.Oil Pastels 50 Color Oil Pastels For Kids Chalk Pastels Pastel Professional Painting Crayon Doodle

  • 【SAFETY MATERIAL】Oil pastels are made of high quality pastel plaster. Not easy to fade, safe and non-toxic. Writing and drawing are more fluid. chalk pastels oil pastels cater to a variety of painting techniques.
  • 【50 DIFFERENT COLORS】Oil pastels are bright and vivid in color and have strong adhesion. Multiple colors can be mixed and layered together to create more subtle, more vivid tones. chalk pastels bloom your imagination for painting.
  • 【BETTER PAINTING EXPERIENCE】The round oil pastels helps you easily control the strength of the oil pastel, which is not easy to break and fade. Have a better painting experience. Tear paper easily and won’t get your hands dirty easily.
  • 【SPREAD EVENLY】The oil pastels are brightly colored and applied directly to make the color more colorful. Soft and durable, not easy to break easily. All kinds of painting do not have to worry about uneven color smearing.


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