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The Best Art Markers for Professionals


Art is fun when you do it right. One should enjoy the process of a drawing, a sketch, a painting or some jewelry work. There’s plenty of room to experiment with your art supplies for professional artists.

Art markers are simple things to handle. You just have to uncap and use them wherever you need. These things are boons in expert hands. One cool thing about these is the fact that there’s minimal maintenance required.

For example, I just need to keep them at a cool, dry place and things are fine. Obviously, there are numerous brands on offer when you’re looking for a piece. That’s where my article comes in.

In this little (pun intended) piece, I’ll be going in-depth into the different types of art markers for professionals and recommendations when it comes to buying these objects. Obviously, each of them has its perks and disadvantages to look into. I’ll focus on that as well.

Cricut – 2004060 Ultimate Fine Point Pen Set, 30 Pack, Assorted

  • 30 Fine point pens (0. 4 tip)
  • Write and draw with Circuit explore machines (Circuit explore one Requires an accessory adapter, sold separately)
  • Water-based, acid-free, nontoxic, permanent after dry; conforms to ASTM D-4236
  • Use with all Circuit explore electronic cutting machines
  • Included Components: Pen (30)

Drawing Boards For School, Drafting & Mor

Whether you are sketching, drawing, or even a little bit of light painting, drawing boards are a terrific yet compact way to set up a flat surface and get to work.But as you will quickly find out when searching for the best drawing boards, there are a TON of options to choose from.

Not only do they come in many different varieties, but they also have several different sizes, materials, and features to choose from.

In this guide we are going to review all different types of drawing boards in order to find the perfect one for you.

1.Kids Art Easel for Kids Toddlers with Magnetic Chalkboard Ages

  • All in 1 Multifunctional Kids Easel: Deluxe double-sided art easel is made of natural pine wood with 360 degrees handmade burnish, durable and smooty.Beside paint cups,there are 2 large storage boxes in bottom for hold abundant accessories included.
  • Adjustable Wooden Standing Easel: Kid’s easel can be adjusted from 27 to 47 inches, freely raise and lower, which is a economic choice to suitable for different ages children to accompany your kids from toddler to preadolescence.

2.The Original Buddha Board Art Set

  • Uncover Your Truth: This is the Original Buddha Board; It is inspired by the Zen idea of living in the moment. This water board painting set uses only water and our classic drawing board as you create beautiful works of art, that fade away, as it dries. Using a Buddha Board kit will help you achieve mindfulness. The mind is everything, what you think you become.
  • All that you Need is Included: This drawing board for artists includes a 12″x9.5″ water painting board that will return to its “blank slate” without flaws, bubbles, or peeling. The water board set includes an authentic bamboo water brush and a stand with a roomy reservoir for water & separate grooves for holding both the board & brush. Just add water and artistic expression.

3.A3 Diamond Painting Light Pad with Built-in Stand

  • Well-built Connection to Power Cord, NO Loose Plug. The A3 light box adopts a U-shaped structure, which firmly fixes the power cord in place. No matter how you drag the LED light pad, the power cord keeps stayng in the port.
  • Built-in Stand on the Light Pad, Ergonomic. The built-in stand is hidden on the back of the A3 diamond painting light pad, foldable and 7-level adjustable. You DON’T have to pay for any extra stand any more. When you are doing diamond painting or vinyl weeding, you can unfold the stand and work in your most comfortable posture, good for health.
  • Bright A3 LED Light Pad, no-flickering.  With 3-brightness, touch-controlled, the led light drawing pad allows you to adjust brightness according to your needs. The light box adopts eye-protection LED lights, no flickering, no shadow, good for diamond painting, HTV vinyl weeding, acrabooking, animators, designers, readers.

4.MEEDEN Large Drawing Board Easel

  • Solid Beechwood Desktop Easel – The sturdy tabletop easel is beautifully handcrafted from seasoned beechwood. Hand-sanded with smooth surface and rounded corner. When tilted up, the drawing board is surprisingly solid feeling, without any shimmy or flex when drawing pressure is applied.
  • Fully Adjustable Artist Easel – The amazing tabletop easel is fully adjustable. You can totally set up it in your way. From 80° vertical to horizontal, perfect for various kinds of paintings, pastel, portraits, watercolors, and paint pouring. You can even adjust the high of the bottom tray, which can let you change your drawing angle and posture freely, perfectly avoiding your neck and shoulder problems.
  •  Sturdy Easel with Super friendly Design – With the large base and rubber feet for sturdy surface grip, the durable tabletop easel is super stable when you’re painting. Eco-friendly wood track and electroplated metal knobs make your adjustment much easier and not easy to rust. It’s very popular with beginners, students and professional artists.
  •  Versatile Durable Easel – The durable desktop easel has multi-functions, you can use it to paint, display your artwork, framed photographs, calendar, business cards, and more. It can also be used as a book or Ipad holder, you can relax freely after a long time of painting, enjoying your masterpiece or watching your favorite Talk Shows.
  •  100% Satisfaction Guarantee – The durable table top easel is a great value for money. We’re so confident that you will fall in love with it. it’s awesome. if you have any dissatisfaction with it, please do feel free to contact us, we’d help you with a replacement or refund.

5.Deco 79 Modern Elegant Extra Large Free-Standing Metal Easel

  • Modern style inspired with a minimalist design
  • This modern style inspired easel is made from solid iron materials
  • Gold easel with an iron frame, clean lines, simple angled feet, and gold chain
  • This modern style inspired design brown iron easel features a stylish and luxurious modern design with a tall rectangular façade supported by a metal stand for an inclined display
colored pencil

Recommend 5 best colored pencils for you

Color lead painting is a form of painting that combines sketching and color. It is unique in that the color is rich and delicate, and it can show a lighter, breathable texture. Color pencil drawing is beyond the reach of other tools and materials. Only by making full use of the uniqueness of colored pencils can you draw real color pencil drawings.

Colored pencils are also called colored pencils. Ordinary pencils are made of graphite, while colored pencils are made by mixing colored pigments and clay. Usually, colored pencils are purchased by parents for their children, so parents will worry about the unsafe source of raw materials, so they will choose the best brand. Again, the brand is the guarantee of quality. So, what brand of colored pencils is good? Today we will introduce the top 5 brands of colored pencils.

1.Arteza Colored Pencils

  • Get this complete set of professional colored pencils and discover all of the original color combinations you can make
  • Use these versatile tools for adult coloring books, drawings, sketches, and mixed media designs
  • The break-resistant cores allow you to layer colors and shade your artwork without having the tips break while you work
  • These smooth and highly-pigmented pencils make blending, layering, and mixing colors a breeze
  • Create realistic highlights and shadows or use these to fill in bold details in your pieces. The smooth, wax-based core will also help get rid of any harsh transition lines you may have in your pieces. Each pencil is crafted to sharpen easily and work perfectly every time.

    2.Soucolor 180-Color Artist Colored Pencils

  • 180 Vibrant Colors Numbered colored pencils + 1 Gift Metal Tin Box. Convenient to storing and keeping the color all visible, without any trouble finding the colors. Great color pencils gift ideas for artist, beginners, kids, girls.

3.Kalour Colored Pencils

Colored pencils have soft Core,The silky smooth,velvety soft pencil leads lay down lots of vivid color,the colored core are highly pigmented, Perfect for coloring & drawing etc.Break-resistant cores produce incredible tone, perfect for blending and layering multiple colors.

4.Kalour Premium Colored Pencils

Kalour set of 72 colored pencils contains 72 different color,You can find any color you need in these to enrich your coloring book.Perfect set for Artists adults beginners.

Each pencil inside is equipped with high quality cores.The silky smooth,velvety soft pencil leads lay down lots of vivid color,the colored core are highly pigmented, Perfect for coloring & drawing etc.Soft break-resistant cores produce incredible tone, perfect for blending and layering multiple colors

5.Studio Series Colored Pencil Set



gouache paint

The best gouache paint in 2022

Gouache paint is similar to watercolour, but it’s more opaque. It’s also a lot more forgiving than watercolour, meaning you can paint over mistakes easily. This makes it an excellent medium for beginners, as well as experienced artists.

Another handy feature of gouache is its ability to reactivate. If it is painted onto a surface it can be reactivated with water to alter the composition, this is a unique quality and differentiates it from acryclic. Wondering what paper to use? You’ll need paper to be a decent weight (over 200gsm), and is particularly suited to toned paper, or one of the best watercolour papers.

Gouache being water-based means it is easy to wash away from paintbrushes (our how to clean paint brushes guide has more on this). It’s really easy to control and set up, so gouache is the ideal medium for practising observing and mixing colour, and is a fantastic midpoint between drawing and working in oils (find the best oil paints here).

Gouache is popular with artists and designers for a reason, as it paints flat, even areas of colour, which makes it perfect for design work. Artists love it or painting, illustration, colour sketches and incorporating it into mixed media works. It’s best used with fewer washes than watercolour, and is more suitable for painting at easels (here are the best easels, including plein air easels, and tabletop easels for studio work).

The best gouache paints in 2022

01. Schmincke Horadam Gouache

Best gouache paint for professionals, combining wonderfully with watercolour


Quality: Professional
Tube Size: 15ml
Colours in Set or Range: 48

REASONS TO BUY  +Very high quality paint

                                           +Range uses reliable pigments


        REASONS TO  High price point, not one if you’re on a budget

Schminke’s Horadam gouache is a high quality paint best suited for artists. Though it has a smaller colour range, the colours included use quality, reliable pigments.

This gouache is a bit thicker in consistency than most, with an excellent intensity of colour due to highly concentrated pigment. It reactivates very readily when wetted. Because of its high colour intensity, washes more closely resemble watercolour than any other brand, even granulating slightly in washes. Colours are opaque and cover well without the addition of white.

This is the best gouache available in terms of overall quality, and is ideal for finished works.


02. M. Graham Artists’ Gouache

Best gouache paint for artists, particularly smooth and easy to mix


Quality: Professional
Tube Size: 15ml
Colours in Set or Range: 35

REASONS TO BUY  +Very high quality paint

                          +Smooth application

              +Mixes easily

REASONS TO AVOID  Not for a low budget

M. Graham’s gouache is a high quality gouache that is especially well suited for painting.

It has a runny consistency thanks to its honey binder, though it still has very strong colour. When watered down for washes, the pigments are still bright. This means different colours have similar consistencies as well, and the paint mixes easily. The coverage slightly less dense, so it is less suited for flat areas of colour, though it sits evenly on the paper without any streakiness.

This paint would suit finished works, and plein air painting especially well.


03. Holbein Artists’ Gouache

Best gouache paint for designers, with a well-balanced colour range


Quality: Professional
Tube Size: 15ml
Colours in Set or Range: 89

REASONS TO BUY  +Thick and opaque

                                 +Large colour range

                              +High quality paint

REASONS TO AVOID  Some colours not lightfast

Hobein’s artists’ gouache is a range of professional quality paint available in a wide selection of colours. The range is carefully designed to allow as many different colours to be mixed as possible, and also contains a selection of metallic pigments.

The gouache has a thick consistency that lays down well on paper and is very opaque, which alongside the excellent range of colour makes it ideal for designers. It has a good pigment intensity and readily reactivates. Some of the colours in the range are not lightfast, so take care if using this paint for finished works and check the manufacturers guide, which lists all the colours clearly



04. Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache

Best gouache paint for all-round use by artists and designers



Quality: Student
Tube Size: N/A
Colours in Set or Range: 15

REASONS TO BUY  +Convenience of a pan set

                               +Sturdy, well laid out box

REASONS TO AVOID  Darker colours less intense

                                   –Pans behave like watercolour

This studio box set is an unusual format for gouache, coming in a pan form. It includes a tube of white gouache, which is used to add opacity and thicken paint. The pans are more like watercolours, with some of the darker colours being more transparent than typical gouache.

The pan format means that it is convenient to carry around, and the metal case is sturdy. The paint layers well, and looks bright. Unfortunately, there isn’t any indication of the pigments used in this set, so it is unknown if the colours are light fast.

These gouache pans are best for sketchbook work, or anyone looking to make quick colour sketches on the move.





marker pens

5 Best Art Marker Sets for Coloring Enthusiasts and Professional Creatives

o you remember coloring with markers as a kid? Maybe you had an awesome collection of vibrant Crayolas that you’d use when drawing? While we often associate markers with childhood, they still come in handy today—especially if you’re an artist who loves sketching or consider yourself an adult coloring book enthusiast.

There are many great reasons to try art markers. One is because of how easy they are to use and their portability. Whether you’re staying in your studio or drawing on location, it’s effortless to grab a handful of the hues that you’ll need and put them in your bag. And speaking of colors, many artist marker sets come in packs of 12, 18, or even 60 pens, so you’ve got a variety of hues at your disposal. For pigments that you don’t have, many markers—like Copic—allow you to blend like you would colored pencils.

Looking for more drawing supplies? We’ve got you covered in our guide to the best colored pencils and best drawing pencils.

1.Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens

  • Add a blast of fun to all your writing with 12 bright colors
  • Medium point felt tip (0.7 millimeter) produces Bold, expressive lines to match your personality
  • Smear and fade resistant, so smudges are officially history; Point guard technology prevents tip from fraying
  • Water based ink won’t bleed through paper so your writing stays put

2.Dual Markers Brush Pen, Colored Pen Fine Point Art Marker & Brush Highlighter Pen

  • ou Want – A set of high quality art supplies with double ends, Aen Art Dual Tip Markers are combined with fineliner pen and brush marker will provide hours of drawing joy to beginners and artists. Also perfect for hand lettering, sketch, calligraphy, school planner, den journal, journal lines, note book, bible notes, craft, calendar…
  • You Need – Focus on your creative marker painting journey, So our complete dual tip pens set comes with 0.4mm fine tip and 1-2mm brush tip, all contained in a sturdy case that is perfect coloring pens for kids, adults, teacher, college students, beginners and For using in school, travel or used in the home and office.

3.PEEKOAL 8 Pack Assorted Colors Permanent Markers, Fine Tip Colored Markers Pens 

Peekoal 8 packs of color markers are designed to be portable so you can always carry it in your pocket and bag and use it anytime, anywhere。8 vibrant colors, including red, lake blue, yellow, gray, green, blue, brown, black, bring you a different experience in daily use

 Our markers are water-based ink. Smooth ink, when you use, quickly dry, you do not have to worry about friction caused by stains. You can write at will. Washable. When you accidentally leave a mark, wipe it up with a wet paper towel as soon as possible. You can easily remove ink from any non-porous surface and permanently remove it from porous surfaces.

4.Highlighters, Pastel Highlighters Assorted Colors, Dual Tips Highlighters Marker Pens

ute aesthetic highlighters set. 12 pcs unique colors, with no duplicates, include 6 Macaron Colors.

Assorted pastel highlighters pens Perfect for Planner, Underlining, Highlighting, Journal, Calendar, notebook, painting, writing, coloring, marker, manga, graphic, corrections or color coding notes illustration, for coloring complicated patterns, make note taking, doodling fun and colorful.

5.PILOT FriXion Colors Erasable Marker Pens,

  • PILOT FRIXION COLORS MARKER PENS: This erasable bold point marker pen features Pilot’s unique thermo-sensitive ink. No wear or tear so you can erase & rewrite until it’s right without ruining the page.
  • UNLIMITED DO-OVERS: With a convenient, non-rolling capped design, extra durable point & quick-drying ink, the FriXion Colors Marker pen lets you create bold, erasable lines in 12 stunning colors.
  • WRITE & CREATE FEARLESSLY: If you love FriXion erasable ink pens & markers, you’ll want to try Pilot’s full line of erasable Clickers, ColorSticks, Fineliners, Colors Marker Pens, & Highlighters.
Oil pastels

Best value for money oil painting sticks

Oil pastels – very fun to use. They are like a cross between oil pastels and traditional oil paints. They are essentially solid oil paints. So these sticks are used in a similar way to pastels in that they are rolled into sticks that allow you to paint on the surface. In this article, I’ll walk you through what oil pastels are, how to use them, and the best brands available.

What are oil paint sticks?

Oil paint sticks, also called pigment sticks and oil bars are sticks of pigment bound in a drying oil such as linseed and coated with wax.

With oil paint sticks, you can hold them in your hand and draw onto a surface with precision and control, achieving thick, painterly effects.

Use pigment sticks with a variety of techniques

To paint using oil sticks, draw onto the surface, much like you would with an oil pastel. Use the pigment sticks to create texture and vibrant colour.

You also can achieve subtle colour blends with pigment sticks, due to the long drying time. Layer the paint like you would with regular oils, blending on the canvas with a brush. Paint wet on wet, or choose to let the layers dry before painting to create sharper edges. Alternatively, you could draw with a pigment stick on your surface, dip your brush in a little medium then thin the paint to create a wash. 

Recommend some of the best oil painting sticks for everyone:

1.Paul Rubens Oil Pastels, 50 Colors Artist Soft Oil Pastels Vibrant and Creamy

  • 50 VIBRANT COLORS: the colors are vivid and exquisite, just like oil paint, it can be overlayed or mixed with multi-colors, it presents a unique texture sensation makes it ideal for painting, drawing, or coloring.
  •  The oil pastels are soft, and make much smoother blends without the pilling, suitable for blending and scraper techniques. They handle and clean easily, they are intense in color and particularly soft and pleasant to use on paper and other smooth media.

2.Sennelier Oil Pastel Set, 24 Count , Multicolor

This oil pastel Outstanding lightfastness,Acid-free,Excellent for mixed media approaches,These highly pigmented oil pastels work on a variety of surfaces including canvas, paper, metal, wood, stone, and even glass

3.Mungyo Gallery Soft Oil Pastels Set of 48 – Assorted Colors

  • Mungyo Gallery Artists’ Oil Pastels are of professional quality, with outstanding smooth touch and consistent colors.
  • Their intense colors and high covering power are ideal for techniques such as impasto and scraping.
  • Smoothness and low-residue allow neat and accurate works.
  • Mungyo Gallery Artist’ Oil Pastels, meeting the requirements of professional artist, will be your best choice.

4.pentel Oil Pastels 50 Colors Soft oil Pastels

  • 50 Vivid assorted colors of oil pastels for artists and a 30-sheet pastel paper pad to meet all your needs for drawing and blending. Soft oil pastels silky texture is easy to use for all ages and stages of art.
  • Non-breakable- Our Oil Pastels are less prone to break; the soft pastels texture is a perfect crayon for crayons drawing
  • Lasting Colors-Oil pastels art supplies colored oil pastels apply smoothly and blend easily for subtle shades, tints, and mixtures.
  • Blend and Mix – Oil pastel crayons are very soft and easy to blend with other colors, art crayons professional can simply be blended with your finger!

5.Oil Pastels 50 Color Oil Pastels For Kids Chalk Pastels Pastel Professional Painting Crayon Doodle

  • 【SAFETY MATERIAL】Oil pastels are made of high quality pastel plaster. Not easy to fade, safe and non-toxic. Writing and drawing are more fluid. chalk pastels oil pastels cater to a variety of painting techniques.
  • 【50 DIFFERENT COLORS】Oil pastels are bright and vivid in color and have strong adhesion. Multiple colors can be mixed and layered together to create more subtle, more vivid tones. chalk pastels bloom your imagination for painting.
  • 【BETTER PAINTING EXPERIENCE】The round oil pastels helps you easily control the strength of the oil pastel, which is not easy to break and fade. Have a better painting experience. Tear paper easily and won’t get your hands dirty easily.
  • 【SPREAD EVENLY】The oil pastels are brightly colored and applied directly to make the color more colorful. Soft and durable, not easy to break easily. All kinds of painting do not have to worry about uneven color smearing.



What are the painting tools (introduction to several commonly used painting tools

There are different styles of painting and different forms of painting expression. Different forms require different painting tools. Today, let’s talk about which painting tools are available.


It is most used in drawing and sketching.

Pencils are divided into soft and hard arrangement (from soft to hard): 9B, 8B, 7B, 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, F, H, 2H, 3H, 4H, 5H, 6H, 7H , 8H, 9H, 10H and other hardness grades.

The larger the number in front of the H, the harder the lead of the pencil, and the lighter the color. The larger the number in front of B, the softer the lead and the darker the color. Among them, H-type pencils have relatively high refill hardness and are suitable for objects with relatively hard or clear interfaces, such as woodworking scribing, field drawing, etc.; HB-type pencils have moderate refill hardness and are suitable for general writing, or typing For contouring; Class B pencils, with relatively soft refills, suitable for drawing.

Colored pencils

Color pencil is a relatively easy-to-master coloring tool, with various colors, fresh and simple drawing effect, easy to erase with eraser, and smooth coloring.

There are two types of colored pencils: one is water-soluble colored pencils (soluble in water), and the other is insoluble colored pencils (insoluble in water).

Water-soluble colored pencils are also called water-colored pencils. Its refill can be dissolved in water. When it touches water, the color smears and can achieve a watercolor-like transparent effect. Water-soluble colored pencils have two functions: without dipping The effect is the same before water and insoluble colored pencils. But after dipping in water, it becomes like watercolor, the color is very bright and bright, very beautiful, and the color is very soft.

Insoluble colored pencils can be divided into dry and oily types. Most of the insoluble colored pencils we buy on the market are generally insoluble colored pencils. The price is cheap, and it is the best choice for beginners in painting. The effect of painting is light, simple and clear, and most of them can be erased with an eraser. It has the characteristics of translucent, and can show different picture effects through the superposition of colors. Expressive painting tools..

Colored Pencil Brands:

  1. Marc Renoir Oily 48 Colors
  2. Faber-Castell Classic 48 Colors Water Soluble 48 Colors
  3. Marco Renoir series

oil pastel

Oil pastel is an oil-based color painting tool, generally cylindrical or prismatic with a length of about 10 cm. Similar in appearance to crayons, but with stronger adhesion and coverage on the paper surface, it can show the effect of oil painting. The oil pastel has fine hand feeling, smoothness, good spreadability, excellent color stacking and color mixing performance. It can fully display the effect of oil painting and meet the difficulty of various painting skills.

There are many kinds of oil pastels, the brands are domestic and imported; the colors are 12 colors, 16 colors, 25 colors, 50 colors; the models are popular, medium and thick, etc.


Watercolor is generally called watercolor paint. When the transparency is high, when the colors overlap, the color below will show through. Colors are not as vivid as colored inks, but they are darker and suitable for those who prefer quaint tones. It is not easy to change color even if it is stored for a long time.

Gouache, also known as advertising color, is an opaque watercolor paint. Can be used for thicker coloring without unevenness when coloring large areas. Although it is also an opaque watercolor paint, gouache is generally cheaper than acrylic; but it is slightly inferior to acrylic in terms of coloring, quantity of color and preservation. It should be used selectively according to different purposes.

Watercolor brands: Marley, Windsor, Pebéo, Rembrandt, etc.

dip pen

A dip pen is a type of fountain pen with a metal head and a nib dipped in ink for writing.

The feature of the dip pen is that the lines can change flexibly in thickness according to the strength, angle and the amount of ink dipped, but it is not very convenient because frequent dipping of ink is required during the writing process.

There are many types of nibs for dip pens, each with different degrees of softness, hardness and elasticity, including G pens, D pens (also known as dysprosium pens), round pens and student pens.

needle pen

A tool specially designed for drawing ink line drawings, which can draw uniform lines.

Syringe pen brands: Hero, German Shidelou, etc.


The pigments of marker pens are volatile and are used for quick one-time drawing. It is often used in designing items, advertising slogans, poster drawing or other artistic creations. You can draw thicker lines with little change.

1. Oily marker

Oil-based markers are quick-drying, water-resistant, and light-fast, and the colors are superimposed multiple times without hurting the paper and soft.

2. Alcoholic marker

1) Alcohol-based markers can be written on any smooth surface, quick-drying, waterproof, environmentally friendly, and can be used for drawing, writing, marking, POP advertising, etc.

2) The main ingredients are dyes, denatured alcohol, and resin. The ink is volatile and should be used in a well-ventilated place. After use, the cap should be tightly closed, and it should be kept away from fire and sun exposure.

3. Water-based marker pen

The water-based marker is bright and transparent, but it will turn gray after multiple colors, and it is easy to damage the paper surface. Also, if you smear it with a water-soaked pen, the effect is very similar to watercolor, and some water-based markers will be water-resistant after drying. So when buying a marker, you must know the properties of the marker and how it will look. The marker pen can be bought in the design supply store, and as long as the lid is opened, it can be painted, and it can be painted with any material or any material.